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COLAL SmartBoard Lessons

Get COLAL SmartBoard Lesson files here

CCD Wollongong has developed a library of SMARTBoard Lesson Files for use by Catechists across NSW . These lessons compliment the SRE Curriculum used in State Primary Schools, developed by CCD Sydney, entitled Christ Our Light and Life (COLAL). They are also a great resource for use by Catholic Primary School teachers. Over 1,000 SMARTBoard Lesson files have been developed..

The lessons, utilising clearly referenced resources from the internet, provide a variety of methods of connecting with students through the use of stories, scriptures, activities, games, pictures, music, videos and prayers. The lessons are provided free of charge, for the purpose of educational use. These lessons do not substitute or remove the need for the COLAL Curriculum materials or workbooks. In fact, without those base materials, the impact and usefulness of these lessons is greatly reduced. Whilst written to support the COLAL curriculum, these materials will be a valuable resource for Catholic Educators in general as they follow the seasons of the Church year and are closely aligned to the scope and sequence of the Celebrating our Journey Curriculum used in many Catholic Schools.

As with all new technology and methods, SMARTBoards are simply another tool in the toolbelt of a Catechist. They cannot possibly replace the importance of the presence of the Catechist. Like all tools, SMARTBoards should provide a means of connection with the Student, not a separation. This is a way to engage students further. It can never be a substitute to the strong witness of faith that Catechists carry with them. 

We have been overwhelmed with the way this resource has been embraced around NSW; the demand for their use and training has been fantastic. We are committed to providing a great resource for all religious educators. If you find a mistake or bug in the files, please let us know and we will fix them. 

The simplest way to get the latest SMARTBoard Lesson Files is to contact your regional or Diocesan CCD Office and book in for a SMARTBoard In-Service. At these courses, you will receive the latest files on a USB drive and will be shown how to effectively use the resource in the classroom. The training provides a chance to build confidence with the technology and assurance for schools that our volunteers have a good basic understanding of SMARTBoard use.

If you have already attended an in-service and you would like to update your files, you can contact your regional CCD office. For Catechists in the Diocese of Wollongong who have already received a USB Memory Stick, simply post it to Cindy Oliver at Micah House (see contact us for address) to have new files uploaded and then it will be returned to you. Alternatively, the files can be downloaded below - this is an advanced process with which you may need assistance, in which case please do not hesitate to call us.

CCD would like to thank CDF Wollongong and Campbelltown Catholic Club for providing Catechists with new 8GB USB drives from Term 4, 2013.

Obtain a username & password from your regional or Diocesan CCD Office. Using the login area to the right of this text, enter your username & password and click login.

If you are not a Catholic Catechist but you would like access to use these resources, please send us an email or call us (contact us)

Follow this link - CLICK HERE **THIS WILL OPEN A NEW WINDOW. Follow instructions below.
  • Download the year groups that you wish to use along with the “Catechists start here” excel spreadsheet file. 
  • You may also wish to download the SMARTBoard viewer program so that you can explore and test out the lesson files on your home computer.
Set up your USB Memory stick
  • Once you have downloaded the year groups you wish to use, you must place the contents of the zip file in the correct location on your USB Memory Stick
  • The “catechists start here” excel spreadsheet should be in the root folder of the USB Memory stick (if the drive is labelled D, the spread sheet should be in this first folder, d:\)
  • Each year group should be extracted to the root folder, which will place the files in a labeled sub-directory (i.e. 3a will be in D:\3a\)
  • This is to ensure the links that we have created in the spreadsheet work properly. If you do not create these folder structures, you will have to manually open each lesson file.

All going well, your USB Memory Stick should look like this:

  • Load the spreadsheet and try clicking on a lesson file link. If it prompts you about opening a file - everything has worked!
  • If you get stuck or something doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to give your local CCD Office a call! 


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