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2012 Catechist Mass & Awards

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough” remarked German theologian Meister Eckhart in the middle ages. Gratitude and thankfulness were indeed the premise for the Annual Catechist Mass for 2012. Seldom have I have met a group of people so determined to give and give that when the time comes for someone to acknowledge their hard work, their response is almost as beautiful as the hard work itself - a mixture of sincere bashfulness and embarrasment. 
Catechists are a humble group of people. They give more than they ever expect inreturn and we are so grateful for them. It is in full knowledge of this that we prepare our Annual Catechist Mass. This isn’t a chance to puff out our chest or say “look how well we are doing”. This is the day when we honour you, the Catechists of Diocese because you do something that is worth honouring. You do something that is worth celebrating and remembering.
This year, on a bright sunny Spring day, a few hundred Catechists, their families and special guests gathered at the Co-Cathedral in Fairy Meadow, where Bishop Peter celebrated Mass with his fellow brother Priests, Fr Ron Peters, Fr John Ho, Fr Peter Tien and Fr Chris Sarkis. 
During the Mass we had the privilege of specially honouring a significant number of Catechists who reached personal milestones in the ministry. 15 Catechists completed level II training in 2012 and received their Level II Catechist Training Certificate. A further 37 Catechists received 10, 15 and 20 year service awards. Five Catechists received Mary MacKillop Medals for 25 years of service within the Ministry.
We were incredibly blessed to welcome four new Life Members into the ranks for 30 years (or more) service. This is an incredible achievement and an amazing example of the kind of dedication we find amongst all our Catechists. A big congratulations to Patricia Perkiss and Jan Royan from Berkeley, Marie Trudgett from Gwynneville and Paulene Creenaune from West Wollongong.
The Mass was followed by a luncheon in the hall of Good Samaritan Primary School. A vast array of delicious treats were on hand as Catechists enjoyed one another’s company in good conversation and with much laughter. As Catechists prepare for their final few lessons of 2012, the Annual Catechist Mass was a beautiful punctuation mark to a very big year.
Many thanks to our special guests, particularly to Robert Haddad (CCD Director, Sydney) and Peter Turner (Head of CEO Wollongong), for sharing the day with us, to Cindy Oliver for her tireless efforts in organising the luncheon, to Bishop Peter for celebrating the Mass for us and to all the Catechists and their families for sharing the day celebrating this important work in the
Peter Gilmore
Faith Education Officer
Illawarra-Shoalhaven Region
From November 2012 CatechistNET. Pick up your copy from your Parish or view it online here

Last Updated on Friday, 23 November 2012 11:38

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