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Websites for Catechists

The following links have some great resources for you to use in the classroom. Feel free to explore them. Let us know if you find any links that are broken or that are not useful. 

Creative Catechist
A good resource of activities - worksheets, colouring in, craft, etc. Generally relates to things mentioned in the magazine "Creative Catechist" but there are also many stand-alone activities

Sermons 4 Kids
A massive resource of theme, Bible orlectionary based lessons. Complete lesson ideas based around a theme, object and scripture. Invaluable resource.
Catholic Catechist
A There is an amazing amount of content and depth on this site - not only for your students but also for you. Full access requires a membership but there is a great deal of free resources none-the-less.
Resources for
Catholic Educators

This site contains a massive database of links to other sites that have great resources. It may take you some time to find your way through everything available but there is definitely some good links to good resources here.
Child Bible Story Online
A collection of colouring-in pages based around Bible Stories. Very useful resource sorted by Old & New Testament stories.
Bible Crosswords
A good resource particularly for Catechists that have older classes and are looking for activities that require the students to engage a little further.
Our Sunday Visitor
Aimed at being a companion site for the Catholic life, this website also has a great "Teaching Catholic Kids" section which has a good array of resources.
Bible for Children
Almost every story that a Catechist would share from the Bible with children is listed here for download in various formats. There are colouring-in booklets, short comic strips and much more. 
Two by 2
"Two by 2" is about providing children with a whole new way of experiencing the wonderful stories of the bible (old and new testament).
Together at One Altar
Together at One Altar is a resource for school age children in years F-12 in Australia to develop their formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in it's celebration.




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