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Become a Catechist

Become a Catechist

It just takes 1 hour a week to get involved. Contact us to find out how!

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Become a Catechist

Who? Me?
Yes...why not you?
If not you...then who?

What is a Catechist?

Catechists are parish volunteers who...

- Teach & share their faith with children of their parish who attend government schools.
- Have a passion for sharing the gift of faith with young people.
- Have a couple of hours per week spare to share their time and talents with young people.
- Are people who respond to the central mission of the Church to make Jesus known and loved.

What is involved?

To be a Catechist you need to be able to:

- Give around one hour each week to share your faith in a local government school.
- Do a little bit of preparation at home, using the lesson resources and work books provided for students and the Catechist.
- Participate in some training and support offered from time to time by the Parish and the CCD Leadership Team.
- Be a person in good standing with the Church eager to share the message of the Gospel and your love of God with young people, who are eager to hear it.

Some thoughts from Bishop Ingham

- Catechists come in all shapes, sizes, ages and from all walks of life, reflecting the rich tapestry of our Church.
- Many Catechists start as a classroom helper and from there are eager to take on a class themselves.
- Catechists, once they have been introduced to the resources and given some basic training are most likely to say, "I have so much I want to share with the students, but not enough time!"
- If you put your hand up to be involved, you'll be really well supported with training and resources.
- It is a real truism, that in the process of teaching, the teacher also learns and grows.
- There are other ways of supporting the ministry for example as a support person or a prayer partner.

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